We would like to introduce you to the people whom you will be in regular contact with!


Cor van der Most - contactpersonen
Cor van der Most

t: 0578 699618

Rob van der Most - contactpersonen
Rob van der Most

Marriël van der Most - contactpersonen
Marriël van der Most

t: 0578 699612

Expertise: Envelopes

How envelopes are best used for both transactions and direct mail!

Richard Pelleboer

Back-office Account Manager

Annette Broer

Laurens Admiraal

Angelique Harms

Specialists in the field of corporate identity-based materials

Peter Eikelboom

Back-office Account Manager

Corien Wiegman

Sicco van der Brug

Ineke van 't Ende

Product experts for schools, healthcare institutions and hospitals

Rob Zeegers

Back-office Account Manager

t: +31 (0)6 20 43 07 38

Reinier Hartink

Henny Bijsterbosch

Expertise: Commercial Printed Materials and Fulfilment combined with IT applications

Alvin Schoonhoven

Back-office Account Manager

Bert Hartgers

Jacqueline Schokker

Ingrid Luiken

Specialists in the field of commercial printed materials & mailings

Edwin van Dommelen

Back-office Account Manager

Laurent Pots

t: 0578 699632

Wilma Vos

t: 0578 699627

Rita Borst

t: 0578 699626

Commercial Contacts

William ten Hove

Commercial Manager

t: +31 (0)6 300 721 12

Robert Strating

Front-office Account Manager

t: +31 (0)6 139 406 89

Stef Krommedijk

Back-office Management Spedo / Sales

t: +31 (0)6 511 071 92

Judith Wonink

Manager Marketing & Communication

Frank van den Boogaart

Tender Manager

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