Digital Mailroom

We process all your mail digitally!

The digital mailroom of Royal Van der Most archives and distributes all your incoming mail. Whether it concerns a letter, invoice or survey. We do this for both physical and digital mail. We ensure that all colleagues have lightning-fast access to documents, regardless of where they work.

How are things going in practice?

Paper documents: We scan the incoming physical mail flows. We process these scans into digital files that are sent to the correct department within your organization via a secure server. As a result, all your colleagues, at the office and at home, see their mail as soon as it arrives. Digital documents: We include these documents directly in the digital mailroom. We read e-mail boxes. Our software can automatically identify and classify a wide variety and diversity of (un)structured documents.

  • All benefits:
  • No mailroom needed anymore;
  • Super-fast processing of incoming mail/data;
  • Hardly any manual actions;
  • Data security = guaranteed by working according to ISO 27001 guidelines (information security);
  • Feedback on multiple platforms: all information is immediately available to colleagues.