Digital Mailroom

We process all correspondence completely digitally!

The digital mailroom of Koninklijke Van der Most archives and distributes all your incoming mail. Whether it concerns a letter, invoice or survey. We do this for both physical and digital mail (email, XML, apps, etc.). We automatically forward the data to the correct underlying systems. We ensure that all your employees have access to these documents as quickly as possible, regardless of the location of their workplace or the electronic means that are available to them at that time.

How are things going in practice?

Paper documents: We scan the incoming physical mail flows. We process these scans into digital files. Via a secure server, everyone within your organization receives the mail neatly delivered digitally in the digital mailroom.

Digital documents: We include these documents directly in the digital mailroom. We read e-mail boxes immediately. Our software can automatically identify and classify a wide variety and diversity of (un)structured documents. digital mailroom.

Required metadata is automatically read from the (now digitized) documents. We then deliver the digitized, classified and metadata-enriched documents to the underlying DMS, mail registration, CRM and ERP systems.

  • All benefits
  • Faster processing of incoming mail/data;
  • You no longer need a mailroom;
  • No documents getting lost;
  • Improved information position towards your clients, suppliers and the internal organization such as the students;
  • Data security = guaranteed by working in accordance with ISO 27001 guidelines (information security);
  • Feedback on multiple platforms: All information is immediately available (for home workers, for example).