Diplomas and securities

A worthy preservation document, a certificate of our craftsmanship! We design and make diplomas, certificates and grade lists. Our securities fully comply with the specific requirements set by the Ministry of Education. Our securities namely have a unique watermark, UV fibers, iris printing, microtext and comply with the CBS1 standard. These requirements are necessary to prevent fraud with diplomas, certificates and transcripts.

A unique watermark

Our security paper contains a unique watermark, namely two lions with coat of arms.

UV fibers

Our security paper contains UV fibers of 5 mm. These glow under ultraviolet (UV) light.

Iris print

The design must contain a smooth color gradient – the iris print. This is because a smooth color gradient is difficult to reproduce, the image ‘breaks’ at the cover of 50% grid.

A microtext

The design must contain microtext. This text is too small for printers and photocopiers to copy. The text is considerably smaller than 600 dpi and therefore cannot be reproduced. The microtext is used as a graphic object (line) in the design.

A protective layer that discolors in case of mechanical or chemical attack

The securities we deliver contain a protective layer according to CBS1. This is also called chemical protection. CBS1 paper has been treated in such a way that it gives brightly colored stains when the numbers and/or letters are tampered with, using more than twenty different acids or corrosive agents. An absolute ‘must’ of course for diplomas. In addition, it is optically dead paper. This paper does not glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. The paper does not contain any optical brighteners and is made of sturdy 140 grams paper.

Not required, but highly requested
A blind embossing, holographic paper with or without relief and/or a house style processed on a diploma give the security paper an extra appearance and a personalized touch.

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