Alliance of Beer Taprooms (ABT)

The Alliance of Beer Taprooms is made up of the greatest beer-oriented taprooms in the Netherlands. These taprooms occupy prominent spots in the Café top 100; De Gekroonde Suikerbiet in Zierikzee even occupies first place! They have united to form the Alliance to be able to exchange tips & tricks about beer, celebrate a joint ‘Beer of the Month’ each month, and benefit from certain logistical advantages. Koninklijke Van der Most is happy to help the Alliance in its endeavours!

‘Our mutual passion is BEER’

Every month, the cafés in the Alliance celebrate one variety of beer on tap and one variety of draught beer. They all order their beer using our ordering application, the Mostshop. We take care of the logistical processing for these craft beers, the accompanying beer glasses, and the relevant printed materials such as tap and table cards out of our logistics centre on 6 Europaweg in Heerde. We also print the Alliance’s flyers and its annual guide!