Prindses Maxima Centrum

prinses maxima centrum

Each year, approximately 600 children in the Netherlands are diagnosed with cancer. One in four children with cancer still dies from this disease. That is why parents and healthcare professionals took the initiative for one national pediatric oncology center more than ten years ago. This initiative has resulted in the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. A unique center where all highly complex care and research for children with cancer come together.

Since the opening of the center on June 5, 2018, Koninklijke Van der Most has had the honorable task of designing and producing all facility and commercial printing for this center. These include stationery and follow-up paper, envelopes and business cards, but also patient folders, maps, posters and the flyers for the prima passes.

A very special item is the communication kit ‘commKit’, which we developed together with the centre. The commKit contains door hangers with a specific theme such as ‘sleeping’, ‘not now’ and ‘away’. There are also blank hangers on which the children can indicate what they think is important. They can hang the door hangers on the door of their treatment room so that healthcare professionals and others know what the children need without entering.


Because we naturally support the mission of the center ‘Heal every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life’, we sponsor various actions such as recently the “Ho!Ho!Ho! action of the Santa Clauses”.

Koninklijke Van der Most hopes that the Princess Maxima Center can quickly fulfill its mission. Meanwhile, we do everything in our power to guarantee the continuation of the work processes with our products and services!