ROVA is hard at work every day on keeping a variety of municipalities in the Netherlands clean, whole, and safe. Their activities range from collecting household waste to managing public greenery. Rova does so for 23 municipalities, with an operating range containing around 900.000 inhabitants and divided over 3 regions: IJsssel-Vecht, Achterhoek and Eemland.

Koninklijke Van der Most and ROVA work together in various different ways, both online and offline:

Offline: We supply the letters that ROVA uses to inform the people in their operating range or call them to action, such as regarding waste separation or an underground container for PMD being installed. We also design, produce and supply ROVA’s stationery, envelopes, and copying paper, all using 100% recycled materials. Moreover, we take care of ROVA’s printed materials: we manufacture their posters, stickers, flyers, and folders, as well as the magazine that keeps ROVA staff up to date on all the ins and outs, ‘ROVARIA’!

Online: ROVA offers residents in its operating range the opportunity to specify their preferred wastebin size and change those preferences via an online tool – see photo – that is under our management. Once a change has been made, the relevant residents then receive a physical confirmation letter sent by Koninklijke Van der Most.