VvAA is the Netherlands’ largest healthcare network, consisting of over 120,000 members. Together, these members tackle issues such as decreasing bureaucracy and ensuring that healthcare workers feel valued and inspired. For many healthcare workers, their personal life and work life are fully intertwined. VvAA makes sure that everything outside of the care they provide is set up optimally. Moreover, VvAA supports individual members and their healthcare institutions by way of knowledge sharing, consultancy, insurance schemes and other occupation-specific services.

The largest healthcare network in the Netherlands should have a proper corporate identity! Koninklijke Van der Most handled the full implementation process for VvAA’s corporate identity, including facilities and commercial printed materials as well as merchandise such as umbrellas, carrier bags, backpacks and table flags. We set up an online shop for VvAA where they can order all of these items, as well as use the formatting tool to order business cards.