Handling & Fulfilment

Processing orders, filling envelopes, retrieving orders from the warehouse, and delivering products to clients… Time-consuming activities that you would rather do without!

Koninklijke Van der Most logistical services are not just limited to supplying printed materials. After all, packaging products in the right way and delivering them to the end client at the right time takes an often under-appreciated amount of attention to detail. We help our clients by taking on these logistical tasks: stocking, packaging, and shipping.

We offer the following handling & fulfilment services:

  • Providing stock for our clients
  • Processing orders
  • Filling envelopes, folders, packages, etc.
  • Packaging and shipping items

Handling & fulfilment often take a lot of time and require a specialised approach. As such, we always review our clients’ entire logistical processes and provide custom handling & fulfilment services.

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