Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Koninklijke Van der Most, we greatly value Corporate Social Responsibility. However, we feel that this is only natural – not just to ensure commercial success, but mostly because we want to be able to hand over a beautiful family business to future generations.

We operate fully in accordance with all legal sustainability criteria, but also supplement our policy with various other activities that contribute to the environment, to society, and to Social Return Of Investment. Our sustainability policy consists of three pillars: Local, National, and International. Below, you will find a more detailed explanation of the activities that comprise these three pillars.


Societal purpose

We are located in the Veluwe area, the green lungs of the whole of the Netherlands. To help ensure that this beautiful area is kept clean, we have installed water taps along popular cycling routes, which stimulates cyclists to refill their bottles instead of throwing them away.
We also sponsor a wide range of events and associations to which our employees dedicate their free time, such as the Koninklijke Van der Most Indoor Gala, which stimulates children from Heerde and the surrounding area to engage in exercise.

Corporate purpose 

Our objective is to make our entire chain more sustainable and operate in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Using our own Environmental Management System, we research possibilities for reducing waste and hazardous materials in our entire (production) chain. To this effect, we not only investigate our own processes, but those of our suppliers (and their suppliers) and our clients as well. In doing so, we are guided by applicable legislation and regulations and the environmental agreements that have been made within the graphics industry (KVGO).


CSR is all about safeguarding the sustainability of People, Planet, and Profit. This also means that we consciously invest in the development, vitality, and loyalty of our staff, which results in happy, motivated employees. We achieve this aim by facilitating training courses, working on creating greater labour mobility, and stimulating our staff to contribute to society.

Diversity is wealth

We recognise that diversity is a form of wealth and are an inclusive organisation. Last year, we engaged in a partnership with the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) Public Employment Agency, the Felua Group, and the municipality of Heerde. We currently employ 6 staff members with an occupational impairment as part of the government’s deployability initiative.



‘Children do not belong in war. Never. All children have the right to live in peace, develop in a healthy manner, and grow up to become balanced adults.’ That is WarChild‘s view, and we support it 100%. Children should spend their time playing, instead of coming of age in aggressive, dangerous environments. That is why we are one of WarChild’s business partners and are involved in the process of ensuring that children who are a victim of war get a better life. We do so by offering our services for DirectMail campaigns and printing and distributing WarChild’s envelopes and stationery free of charge.

Metabolic Project

We are the ambassador and ringleader of the KVGO’s ‘Metabolic Project’. Our role in this project is to decrease the use of hazardous materials amongst our fellow printing works as well as employers and employees alike in the graphics industry. We also promote the manufacturing of IPA-free printed materials.


Hydropower Plant

We are partly facilitating the ‘Run of River’ project, which is building a hydropower plant in Kinnaur, a region in the north of India. This plant will generate hydropower and greatly contribute to reducing the area’s Co2 emissions. Moreover, it has provided the region with an important socio-economic impetus. It not only provides new jobs, but also guarantees that the area has a reliable power source, improving the area’s liveability.