Expanding our range of machines

Make your commercial communications genuinely cost-effective by personalising print runs of 100 units and up!

Marketing tool

SMEs often encounter roadblocks in their attempts to send out personalised printed materials due to pricing. This is a shame, because sending out personalised materials makes for such a great marketing tool! We have recently acquired an Astrojet printer which enables us to print, personalise and address small print runs even better, digitally and in full colour.



The Astrojet combines the advantages of offset and digital printing. It features Memjet printing technology, which is not just a more refined version of existing inkjet technology, but also enables us to print at unprecedented speeds to produce results of excellent quality.


The Astrojet can be used for sheets, cards, and envelopes in both large and small print runs. Some common applications include printing and personalising stationery, invoices and envelopes.

Clients often dream of having these materials printed in full colour, which is often too expensive. However, that has changed now that we no longer have to charge a standard price for documents and due to the fast processor, which enables us to personalise and address the materials immediately. This allows organisations who are looking for personalised printed materials in a smaller print run to utilise this excellent marketing tool as well.


Naturally, we also considered environmental aspects when purchasing our Astrojet; this digital full-colour printer is namely very environmentally friendly! It has no warm-up time and uses a fuser, making its energy consumption rate lower than that of convential printing systems.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about what the Astrojet could do for your organisation, or want to set up a mailing for your top 100 clients, please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email for more information!

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