GSOB evening excursion

On Marhc 9th, a delegation of nearly 60 members of the GSOB graphics industry study group visited Koninklijke Van der Most for an evening excursion. The study group aims to make sure that the knowledge level of our peers within the graphics industry is always kept up to date and refreshed whenever possible.

We made a contribution to that objective by first illustrating our expertise via a presentation. We then took the group on a tour of our facility, and there was a drinks event afterwards where the members were given the opportunity to ask questions – which they certainly did!

Koninklijke Van der Most has been actively working on giving tours for several years now. ‘We are very proud of our 110-year-old family business, and are eager to show it off to people of all ages. In the case of young people, we do to help the graphics specialists of the future in their training. We often give them the opportunity to obtain their first practical experience. Older professionals often propose ideas that we as an organisation can then use to our advantage. This way, these tours create a wonderful reciprocity!’