Digital Communication

At Koninklijke Van der Most, we have been aware of and proactively anticipating the digital shift for years now. We have always believed that printed communications will stand the test of time, but that we need to put things into perspective and find the right balance between physical and online communications. We do so based on the following vision:

Relevant information, always, at the right time and via the right channel

Our ordering platform, the Mostshop

The Mostshop is Koninklijke Van der Most’s online ordering platform that enables our clients to order their printed materials very easily. Using the formatting tool, they can format and personalise all sorts of orders, such as business cards. The Mostshop contains templates of the various means of communication that we manufacture for our clients, so that you are always assured of proper usage of your corporate identity. You will be shown a preview of what the printed file will look like, and the process also involves an automated file check.

Personal Print On Demand (PPOD)

For our PPOD, we translate the supplied data into personal, distinctive messages and manage the entire process right down to the recipient’s doormat or mailbox. We ensure that any messages that are bounced back find their way to the end user via alternative channels. As such, printing large print runs, maintaining a lot of stock and destroying leftover stock are all things of the past now! We use PPOD for envelopes, cards, folders, brochures, and mailings.

Other digital services:

Surveys / PDF files

We process surveys supplied on paper and turn them into digital files with the desired format and design. We also provide digital PDF files that can be filled out on the computer.

File and data processing

We submit letters based on bulk data, but also communicate the obtained data to the sender. We format the data and prepare it so that it can be archived right away.

Printed materials based on data sets

We generate printed materials based on external data sources supplied by our clients, such as the city discount passes we supplied for a large municipality in the Netherlands.

Curious about the many options?