Roefel Day!

On April 5th, same as last year, a number of 5th-grade and 6th-grade primary school students from various primary schools in Heerde visited Koninklijke Van der Most to get a look behind the scenes, as part of the annual Roefel Day.

‘Roefelen’ (which is Flemish for ‘rummaging/discovering’) means that children get the opportunity to go behind the scenes at various companies and institutions to find out where their interests lie.

The children were very impressed by the huge rolls of paper at our factory, the Speedmasters, and the speed with which envelopes are manufactured and printed! We kicked off the afternoon by making calling cards at the Mostshop. The children then got to witness those cards being printed and cut automatically at the end of the tour.

In the meantime, we also tested the students’ stamina by racing through the airlift between 7 Europaweg and our distribution centre on 6 Europaweg (see photo)!