KLM opts for paper once more!

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KLM is abandoning its current approach of fully digitalised internal publication. The company’s new staff magazine will be making its way to all of the employees’ doorsteps in short order. KLM feels that staff magazines serve an additional purpose, namely ensuring that the employees’ friends and families feel connected to the company as well, and by having a physical magazine, these friends and families get to experience the publication as well. Company pride is all about emotion and is best communicated via the medium of paper, according to KLM.

KLM’s new approach offers several other advantages as well. Information communicated to us via paper helps is easier to store, remember, and understand information better than information absorbed via digital media. The fact that you are able to ‘feel’ the carrier plays an essential role in this process. The medium is the message. Paper manufacturer Sappi and scientist David Eagleman have investigated the impact of touch on human brain function.

Go here to view the results of the study!