Rotterdam-based healthcare institution Laurens offers home care, rehabilitation, nursing home care and care during people’s last stage of life.

We handled the production and processing of 2,000 information folders for Laurens, offering their clients a wide range of information.

This folder contained the following components:

  • A ring binder
  • Nine tabs containing the following information:
    • General information
    • Basic details
    • Care needs assessment
    • Care plan
    • Report
    • Medication
    • Risky and restricted actions
    • Additional care and assessments

The tabs and internal sheets were produced separately and then gathered to make up the full binder contents; these sets were then inserted into the 4-ring binder manufacturing system and the completed final products were delivered to the client in one piece.

The tabs feature a solid-colour printed red field with cut-out text. The internal sheets were printed on both sides using the two PMS shades of Laurens’ corporate identity and regular black. Apart from the printing, we also handled the processing of these binders, which required very specific staff deployment and meticulousness.