Privacy update

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect across the European Union on May 25th.  Koninklijke Van der Most has thus analysed its services and adapted them accordingly when needed.

Koninklijke Van der Most is the processor

We are an all-round grahic manufacturer and produce all sorts of communication materials in-house. We also facilitate communication in our role as service provider. As such, we generally work with personal data as part of the role referred to as ‘Processor’ by the GDPR.

Purpose of the personal data processing

Koninklijke Van der Most processes personal data by order of its business relations in accordance with the relevant agreement. Our business relations determine the purpose of and means available for said personal data processing.

We do not utilise personal data for any purpose unrelated to our primary service provision, such as data trading or approaching the people involved directly.

Means used for personal data processing

As we are involved in personal data processing, we have established clear guidelines regarding how this data must be supplied to us.
There are three options for supplying us with files containing personal data. You can do so via the secure SFTP environment or as an encrypted file via either email or WeTransfer.

At Koninklijke Van der Most, information security and the protection of both your and our personal data are awarded the highest priority. If you would like to receive more detailed supplying instructions, have any questions regarding our approach to the GDPR or want to know which kinds of security measures we have implemented, please feel free to contact us.

Please also read our Privacy Policy to find out about the guidelines we have established with regards to the issues outlined above.