Working on your value proposition

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Made In NL breakfast at Koninklijke Van der Most

Working on your value proposition

How do you adapt your product portfolio to fit the 21st century? 65 directors, managers, and guests gathered in Heerde on Thursday June 28th to answer that very question.

This company still produces billions of envelopes each year, and will continue to do so for a while to come. After all, the demise of the paper envelope has been predicted many times over already, but even in the current digital age, the infamous blue envelopes still hit everyone’s mat with some regularity – and these envelopes are produced in Heerde.

However, Koninklijke Van der Most is also making efforts to expand its portfolio of products and services (be sure to also read How Koninklijke Van der Most is becoming future proof). On Thursday, Marriël van der Most, who manages the company along with her cousin and uncle, shared her search for new products and services with the guests that had gathered to have breakfast.

The expert that had been brought in for the morning was Toni Sfirtsis, consultant with Bril Innovatie and professor at TIAS Business School in Tilburg. Sfirtsis emphasised how important it is to develop a Value Proposition. This is not just a vague slogan; a proper value proposition is a message that will immediately let your potential customers know how your company may be of service to them.